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Unchecky | Software Review


Unchecky – Software Review   This is a follow-up on my previous guide on ” How to avoid installing unwanted toolbars and softwares? “ In my previous guide, which was more of a consumer awareness article than a guide – I strongly recommended readers to be alert and read all the tick/check boxes, accept/decline buttons […]

Thomas Was Alone | Game Review

Thomas Was Alone

thomas was alone | Game Review     thomas was alone, If you go by the name, this game is about Thomas – who was alone. But this game is not just about Thomas, but also his new friends. Thomas was alone is an indie puzzle platformer, originally released as a flash based game (external […]

Trine Review

Trine Box Art

Trine (Game) is a side-scrolling action puzzle platformer (phew! too. many genres in one game) based on an ancient magical fairy tale. Trine takes place in a ruined and politically unstable kingdom. Taking advantage of the instability and chaos in the kingdom, an army of the undead appears from nowhere and destroys the remnants of […]

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