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Download YouTube videos without Add-ons, Extensions or Toolbars

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Note: Downloading YouTube video's is against YouTube's usage policy - download at your own risk.

Why to download YouTube videos ?


We all love would love watching great YouTube videos without pausing or buffering, but many of us are not lucky enough to have fast enough internet connection to do so. Also many of us who have fast enough internet are on limited data plan, so if you want to want to watch your favorite YouTube video again at a later time the you have to spend from your precious data allowance again to reload the video at a later time. Downloading and saving YouTube videos directly on your computer can help in both of the above cases. You can download the complete video and play it without pauses or buffering and also you can watch the same video later without having to waste your data allowance.

Now, if you fit in the above three categories of YouTube users with either slow speed or limited data allowance or both slow speed and limited data allowance then read on to find how to download YouTube videos.

How to download YouTube videos without Add-ons, Extensions or Toolbars ?

There are various ways to download YouTube videos – YouTube downloader add-ons, extensions and toolbars. There are add-ons, extensions and toolbars available for all the browsers which allow you to download YouTube videos directly from the YouTube webpage. But only few of these add-ons, extensions and toolbars are trustworthy, and I simply hate many of these as they slow down your browser. Apart from making the browser sluggish, many of them can also be security threat as they are running in your browser all the time, even when you are banking! I simply don’t trust add-ons, extensions and toolbars from unknown developers.

I was searching for a way so that you can download YouTube videos without needing any extra bloat in your browser. I found that many online YouTube downloading services were asking to run Java code on your PC ! Security experts have identified that running Java code from unknown developers can be a serious security threat. Mozilla has gone to the extent of disabling Java run-time scripts completely be default in it’s latest browser. So, I would never prefer using a website asking me to run Java code on my PC Ha Ha ( I am not dumb enough to trust anyone).

Java Script

Java Script – NO, NEVER


Finally, I found www.savefrom.net , this website allows you to download YouTube videos without any Java script. And no Add-ons, Extensions or Toolbars required.

Note: I have no affiliation, links or any relation with savefrom.net.

 Instructions :

Step 1 : Copy the YouTube video URL of the video you want to download by right clicking inside the playing video window and clicking “Copy video URL” >>

Copy YouTube video URL

1) Copy YouTube video URL – click to enlarge

Step 2 : Open www.savefrom.net and paste the copied URL in the URL bar on the center of the webpage. You can simply  right-click and paste in the box or put the cursor in the box and press CTRL+V on your keyboard >>

Paste URL and Press Download

2) Paste URL and Press Download – click to enlarge

Step 3 : Click on one of the available video qualities to begin download ! ( more the resolution in “p”, larger will be the filesize and better will be the quality in comparison with lesser “p” for the same video)

Download Links

3) Download Links – click to enlarge


That’s it, this is how you download YouTube videos without Add-ons, Extensions or Toolbars. I will update the post if I find a better or faster way compared to the one posted today.

If you know a better or faster way to download YouTube videos without Add-ons, Extensions or Toolbars, please comment below :

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