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Fastest DNS Servers – How to find?

Now since we know which are the Fastest and the Best DNS Servers available for us, I will show you how to set up your PC to use these DNS servers:

Step 4: Right click on the Network  icon in the notification area on the bottom right corner of you computer screen and click Open Network and Sharing Center:

Right click on the Network Connection Icon

Right click on the Network Icon


Open Network and Sharing Center

Open Network and Sharing Center


Step 5 : Click Change Adapter Settings on the right :

Click Change Adapter Settings

Click Change Adapter Settings


Step 6 : That should take you to the list of Network Adapters on your computer, depending on how you are connected – Ethernet/Wireless, right-click on the appropriate connection icon and left click Properties & say Yes to any warnings/alerts that pop up:


Ethernet - DNS

Right Click on the Network icon and left click Properties


Step 7 : Find and highlight Internet Protocol Version 4 – TCP/IPv4 (in Windows XP you will only see Internet Protocol TCP/IP ), once highlighted – click Properties :

TCP/IP Properties

TCP/IP Properties


Step 8: On this screen click Use the following DNS server addresses and fill up the Fastest DNS Servers we obtained in Step 3 on Page 1 of this guide. Once you have filled up the information – click OK and then Close :

Fill up your Fastest DNS Servers here

Fill up your Fastest DNS Servers here

Press close on Network Connections

Press close


That’s it – You have just configured Fastest DNS Servers on your PC/Laptop. If you are using a modem/router and want common DNS Servers for all your devices instead of manually changing them for each device, that can be done too. Due to hundreds of different models of modem/routers available in the market, it will be difficult to cover them in this article. So I would suggest you to refer to your modem/router manufacturer’s instructional manual for your specific modem/router or simply call them or your Internet Service Provider for support on doing this.

You can now enjoy faster and more stable web browsing experience than before with the Fastest DNS Servers you have discovered for your connection. I would recommend to repeat the tests once in every 5-6 months just to see if you find a newer, better DNS server for your connection.

In future articles, we will discuss using DNS Servers for filtering unwanted websites and for bypassing region lock on certain websites.

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