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How to improve ping in online games ?

What next?

So, what to try next to improve ping in online games? If the steps on the Page 1 have not helped and you are still experiencing horrible pings in online games, then the next step will be:

Game forums:

All popular online games have their official forums, and few games may have fan made unofficial forums. Join an official forum for the online game you play if it exists, or a fan made forum or simply you can join both if possible. If you see many people complaining on the forums about ping related issues then it could be that the game server itself could be overloaded or malfunctioning. EA / Dice covered Battlefield 4 lag related issues on their official forum and released regular updates to their server and game software to improve ping and decrease lag. Check if similar updates are available on the game’s official forum. If issue is wide-spread, lodge a trouble ticket with the game’s support team so that they know you are facing this issue and will resolve issues faster under pressure when more and more users complaint.

ISP Help-desk:

So you have checked game forums and you now know that it’s only you facing high pings, then contact your Internet Service Provider’s help desk and check if they can run a few diagnostics test on your internet connection to find and fix the fault which in turn can not only improve ping in online games, but also the overall internet connection quality.

Some times if your ISP has oversold a local node or exchange, then you may face congestion. Congestion related issues take a lot of time to fix as the ISP has to invest a lot to put new infrastructure to support increasing number of users. Check if congestion exists on your network by calling your ISP’s technical support team, and if it does exist – then ask estimated time-frame for the upgrades.

Many times, poor configuration of equipment / peering policy at the ISP’s node or exchange can cause higher pings. Example, my previous ISP had a poorly configured core router at their central office which used longer path to connect to servers in Europe. From my connection in India, the data would travel to Singapore and then to US and finally Europe. My current ISP directly routes the traffic to Europe via Middle East which is the shortest available path. Find if such poor routing exist by running traceroute, command to the game server from your computer. Again contact your ISP’s Tech Support Team if any routing issues exists.

That is all I can think of to improve ping in online games. If you know more tricks, tips, instructions which can help improve pings in online games, then share it with us in comments:

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