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SteamOS vs Windows – What will you choose for your Gaming PC?

SteamOS or Windows

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Windows – Why stick with Windows for PC Gaming?

I am one of the Windows users who simply hates the touch focused user interface of Windows 8.x. But I was more worried about Microsoft forcing users only to buy software and games from the Windows Marketplace. Just like an Android, iOS or Windows Phone – Microsoft had intentions to lock in users only to buy software and games from its Marketplace. I believe this was the primary reason for Valve to think about SteamOS, its own operating system which would still allow it to run Steam store to sell games. But with Windows 8.x bashing prominent among its users, Microsoft dropped the idea of restricting desktop software and games to its Marketplace. I think Valve doesn’t want to take any risks of loosing its market and is going ahead with SteamOS plan.

Now lets finally run down through the reasons you would still consider staying with Windows:

  • 1) HUGE game library – Windows has a huge game library which even best-selling game consoles cant match.
  • 2) Game developers already have years of experience, best available tools and APIs like DirectX & Mantle to optimize game performance and visuals for Windows. It will take few years of experience for game developers to reach the same level of skills on SteamOS.
  • 3) Windows simply has more game developers actively developing games compared to few game developers who have pledge support for SteamOS.
  • 4) You can still enjoy SteamOS like user interface experience on Windows by enabling Big Picture Mode in Steam Client for Windows and purchasing a good game controller for PC. But to enjoy Windows like experience in SteamOS, you need to go through hassles of Dual Booting.
  • 5) Apart from games, Windows also has huge availability of software to make life easier. Linux or SteamOS is not that good when it comes to availability of software and ease to add or remove software .
  • 6) There would be many games exclusive to Windows and other game consoles but not SteamOS, but not a single SteamOS exclusive game has been announced yet.
  • 7) You will still need at least one Windows PC to stream your already purchased games on Steam which are not available on SteamOS.

As for now, there are more reasons to stay with Windows then to switch to SteamOS for gaming. In fact I believe this initiative will further fragment the gaming market and developers may have to spend even more time porting games to one more platform which may lead to price increase of games.

Personally I will stick with Windows for my Gaming PC as I find no hard reason to switch to SteamOS, there are many reasons for me not to switch to it which I have mentioned above.

If SteamOS has to win users, it has to come up with something revolutionary or it will die a slow death.

SteamOS v/s Windows – What will you choose for your Gaming PC?

My answer: Windows


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